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Charter Value Added Products are now available via EUMETCast


14 August 2019

Charter Value Added Products are now available via EUMETCast

Charter value added product, showing flood in Amur, Russia
Copyright: Landsat 8 data and products © USGS (2019) - All rights reserved
Map produced by NTs OMZ

The Charter is now using the EUMETCast system to deliver Charter Value Added Products (VAPs) to users equipped with EUMETCast reception stations.

EUMETCast is a dissemination system based on multicast technology, operated by Charter member EUMETSAT. EUMETCast uses commercial telecommunication satellite, Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standards, similar to satellite TV, and research networks to transmit files (data and products) to a wide user community. EUMETCast is the EUMETSAT contribution to GEONETCast, one of the Group on Earth Observation Foundational Tasks.

VAPs are derived from satellite data and available in-situ information. They are used by disaster management teams to monitor an ongoing event and to support the activities of response teams working with those affected by natural or man-made disasters. The VAPs are typically situation maps, or charts, of the pre and post-disaster event, e.g. flood extent maps, analysis maps of a burnt area, radar images of pyroclastic deposits, etc. They are generated in response to an activation of the Charter by a registered organisation.

The VAPs are disseminated on EUMETCast, in addition to being made available through the Charter website. The products disseminated have an activation ID which indicates the associated ongoing Charter activation for the disaster. On EUMETCast the new VAPs are re-transmitted every 60 minutes, for seven days after their initial availability. For further information on receiving these products through EUMETCast, please visit the EUMETSAT website or contact the EUMETSAT User Helpdesk: ops@eumetsat.int.