Cyclone Hola in New Caledonia
<p> New Caledonia's weather centre has pre-warned the public as Tropical Cyclone Hola draws closer to the Pacific archipelago.</p> <p> The storm is also expected to affect the Loyalty Islands; first Ouvéa at 14:00 UTC, Lifou and Tiga at 17:00 UTC and finally Maré at 20:00 UTC on 09 March 2018.</p> <p> Cyclone Hola is currently a Category 4 storm and is expected to eventually reach Category 5 strength, according to the Met Office in Fiji.</p> <p> The cyclone has brought rainfall exceeding 200 mm (8 inches) across northern Vanuatu and is currently generating strong winds estimated at 165 km/h gusting up to 230 km at its centre and is expected to continue moving south-west strengthening on 08 and 09 March.</p> <p> Additional downpours are expected across central and northern Vanuatu on 09 March.</p> <p> It is expected that tropical Cyclone Hola will also bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to parts of Vanuatu and New Caledonia on 10 March and continue until 12 March.</p>
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Aircraft crash in Iran
<p> A plane has crashed in a mountainous region of southern Iran, with all 65 passengers and crew being killed. The crash site is within the Zagros moutain range near the remote mountain town of Semirom, approximately 600km south of Tehran.</p> <p> Search teams reached the crash site of the passenger plane almost 2 days later. The plane was reported missing near the Zagros mountains on 18 Febraury 2018, which killed all 65 people on board.</p> <p> Bad weather hampered initial efforts to reach the site which is at an altitude of 13,000ft. with search teams having to deploy on foot to reach the site.</p> <p> Military drones were used to identify the wreckage before improving weather on 20 February allowed 2 helicopters to deploy. A military spokesman confirmed the plane had "hit the top of the mountain before crashing 30 metres further down".</p> <p> Flight EP3704, an ATR 72-500 aircraft left Tehran at 04:30 GMT and crashed 1 hour later 14 miles from its destination of Yasuj. Aseman airlines blamed hazardous weather conditions for the incident, dismissing technical failure.</p>
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Cyclone Gita in Tonga
<p> Cyclone Gita, a Category 4 storm, hit Tonga on 12 February after causing widespread damage in the neighbouring island of Samoa. The eye of the storm passed over Tongatapu island, the most populous island group in Tonga, causing one fatalitly and injuring 33.</p> <p> The National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) reported that 79% of the population had been affected, and confirmed Gita as the strongest storm to his the islands on record. Over 100 evacuation centres were prepared to house over 4500 evacuees as the Tongan government declared a state of emergency.</p> <p> Gita caused extensive flooding in low lying, coastal and river areas around Savai'I and Upolu and further widesread flooding in the Vaisigano catchment area with thousands of properties being damaged.</p> <p> The storm&nbsp; affected Tonga's power supply, with authorities confirming that Tongatapu was without power after winds exceeding 190 mph damaged infrastructure, leaving hospitals only remaining operational through generators.</p> <p> By the 15 February the storm moved south-southwest away from Tonga heading towards New Caledonia.</p>
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Flood in Bolivia

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Flood in Argentina

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Volcano in Papua New Guinea
<p> A volcano on Papua New Guinea's Kadovar island has erupted, sending plumes of steam and ash 800m into the air with experts warning seismic activity beneath the volcano means an eruption could be imminent.</p> <p> Thousands of people have been evacuated from the surrounding islands near Papua New Guinea's north coast with resources being deployed to support the relief effort. Flights around the area have been cancelled and ships warned to stay at a distance from the island.</p> <p> The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory reported several moderate explosions from Kadovar in the days prior, and reported that the ash clouds had drifted tens of kilometres southwards.</p> <p> In addition, the prime minister also warned coastal communities to stay alert to the small possibility of tsunamis.</p>
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