Volcano in Philippines

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Search and Rescue of Submarine, Argentina
<p> An Argentinian military submarine with 44 crew members onboard lost radio contact in November, launching a huge search-and-rescue operation off the coast of Patagonia.</p> <p> A Naval spokesman reported the last known location of the vessel was 430km off the coast of Chubut, in the area of San Jorge Bay.</p> <p> Rescue efforts consisting of three naval ships and two aircraft are scouring the area and attempting to make radio contact. Reports suggest that the submarine did not deploy its emergency beacon, although seven failed satellite calls were detected.</p> <p> The diesel-powered 66-metre-long Class TR 1700 San Juan is one of the Argentinian navy's three submarines. The submarine was on a voyage from the southernmost city of Ushuaia to the naval base of Mar del Plata when contact was lost.</p>
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Earthquake in South Korea

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Earthquake in Iran
<p> A 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Kermanshah Province of Iran at 18:18 UTC on 12 November.</p> <p> Almost 400 people have been killed and thousands more are reported to be injured.</p> <p> Reports indicate that the town of Sarpol-e Zahab suffered most of the damage and estimates suggest that as many as 70,000 people may require aid.</p> <p> This is a mountainous region of the country and rescue operations have been disrupted by landslides. Authorities have urged residents to stay away from buildings in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, as many buildings in the region were not constructed to withstand seismic activity of this scale.</p> <p> 7.3 is on the higher end of the Richter scale, and indicates an earthquake that can cause major damage. According to <a href="https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us2000bmcg#executive" target="_blank">USGS</a>, the earthquake was shallow at a depth of approximately 25 km.</p>
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Earthquake in Iraq

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Typhoon Damrey in Vietnam
<p> Typhoon Damrey battered Vietnam on 04 November. This devastating storm left 27 people dead and 22 missing. Vietnam is susceptible to storms but Accuweather has reported that this was the worst in the area in 16 years.</p> <p> Damrey made landfall near Nha Trang area at Category 2 strength. Quang Ngai is believed to have been affected the most with an outstanding 580mm of rain since Damrey made landfall.</p> <p> Heavy rainfall with strong winds of 140 kph flooded the local communities; resulting in damage to buildings and houses, the destruction of 40,000 hectares of crops, and trees and electricity poles were also knocked down. Local authorities have reported that there was an electricity cut and more than 36,000 people in the coastal Can Gio district of Ho Chi Min city were evacuated as a result.&nbsp;</p>
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